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Ideas for Supporting Speech & Language Development

Circle Time Ideas

Here are some simple ideas that can make a big difference during Circle Time!

Speech Sounds

Young children learn to make speech sounds through observation, imitation, and practice. You can help:

DO: Be face-to-face as much as possible;

DO: Repeat correctly, so that the child hears a clear, correct version of what he/she just said. For example, if the child says, “Mo teese!” you could say, “More cheese. I want more cheese please.”

DON’T: Ask the child to try again or tell him that he said it wrong. If the child is receiving speech therapy, you can ask the Speech-Language Pathologist if there are other ways you can help.

Special Populations

Is Your Child a Late Talker?

Children who are developing normally in all areas except spoken vocabulary are often called “late talkers.” Learn more about Late Talkers.