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By 6 months - Ages and Stages

By 6 months - Ages and Stages

The developmental milestones listed below mark the progress of young children as they learn to communicate and develop their speech and language skills.

You will find:

If your child is not meeting one or more of the developmental milestones or if you are concerned about your child's speech and language development please contact us at:




  • Babbles using different sounds e.g. babababa, googoo

  • Lets you know by voice sounds to do something again

  • Makes "gurgling" noises

  • Understands some words e.g. daddy, bye bye

  • Smiles or laughs

  • Vocalizes pleasure and displeasure e.g. squeals with excitement, grunts in anger

  • Enjoys music, songs and rhymes

  • Brightens to sound, especially to people's voices

  • Smiles and laughs in response to parent/caregiver smiles and laughs

  • Imitates sounds in his/her repertoire e.g. coughs or other sounds-ah, eh, buh

  • Recognizes own name

  • Smiles at self in mirror

  • Is soothed by a calm, gentle voice

  • Seeks attention using voice, body language and eye contact

  • Reaches for, holds, and puts toys in mouth

Things to try at home:
  • Name objects that your baby touches or looks at: "Oh toes, you've got your toes!"

  • Sing songs and repeat nursery rhymes over and over again: Peek-A-Boo, Pat-A-Cake, When You're Happy and You Know it.

  • Use actions such as waving bye or clapping hands and baby will learn to imitate them.

  • Shake noise-makers in front of your baby, then stop. See if baby asks for more by looking at it, reaching for it, or by imitating the action. Then shake it again.

  • Enjoys adult attention in games such as Peek-A-Boo, Pat-A-Cake and tickle games.

  •  Likes noisy toys, that she can make crinkle, squeak, rattle and roll.

Teachable Moments:
  • During a diaper change, talk about what you are doing. Name the things you are using and that baby looks at.

  • During bath time, name each body part as you wash it. Play "This little Piggy Went to Market" or "Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes" while in the tub.

  • Put a favorite toy in front of your child, just out of reach. Wait and see how she tells you she wants it.

  • Sing lots of songs and nursery rhymes.

Watch out for:
  • A child who is not looking towards a sound or is not startled by sound

  • A child who has stopped babbling after having done so for a long time

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